Talk about the happiest situation in your life

Talk about the happiest situation in your life Cue Card

Talk about the happiest situation in your life

1. What was the event?

2. Where and when it happened?

3. With whom you enjoyed?

4. Explain why it was important?

Answer of IELTS Cue Card Talk about the happiest situation in your life: 

● Happy and sad moments are the part of our lives but people usually remember happy moments.

● I have been through many joyous moments of my life but here I would like to talk about a time which was the best moment of my life.

● I belong to a middle-class family and there are a lot of things which are just a dream for people like us.

● For instance, an iPhone in India is considered as a luxury item so if you own one you would surely get attention from your friends and colleagues.

● Last Year Apple launched the brand new iPhone X(pronounced as ten)

● The moment I saw the Advert of that phone I fell in love with it

● I asked my father to buy me one but he bluntly refused me as the price was very high.

● However, after some time I made a deal with my father that if I get 80% in my 12th-grade exam he would buy me one for sure.

● After that, I prepared very hard for my exams, every day I would sit for 6 hours straight and do my homework.

● On the day of my result, my heart was beating very fast and I was very nervous when I was checking the result.

● To my surprise, I not only did managed to score 80 % but got a whopping 92%.

● My family and friends congratulated me

● My father, as promised to me gifted me the iPhone X next day.

● On that day, I felt very happy as not only I did managed to score 92 % but also got my dream Phone.

● This was another surprise that I got that day.

● I have used that phone every day as my daily driver since then and it is still working super smooth.

● All in all, that day was the happiest day of my life.

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