Describe an activity you like doing to keep yourself fit IELTS Speaking + FOLLOW UPs


Describe an activity you like doing for keeping yourself Fit

1. What is that Physical Activity?

2. How is it better than other Physical fitness Activities?

3. Why do you like it?

Answer of IELTS Cue Card Describe an activity you like doing IELTS Speaking:

 It is rightly said that “The groundwork for all happiness is good health”.

And in today’s hectic lifestyle people usually forgets to take some time out for themselves.

There are a lot of Physical fitness activities a person can do in order to stay active and rejuvenate his body.

But one activity which I personally do and recommends the most is walking.

Walking is the simplest form of exercise yet it is very beneficial.

Even a person who is busy throughout the day can go for a walk as it does not require any preparation nor any long resting period.

Apart from that, Walking also has many beneficial effects on our body.

For instance, it(walking) reduces the risk of heart-related diseases, improves our digestive system and most importantly, freshens up our mind and relieves stress.

My grandfather is a big fan of walking and we both daily go for a morning walk. This has not only improved our health but has also strengthened my bond with my grandfather

I also got a physical fitness band to keep track of my steps which helps in integrating walking more into my life.

To wrap up, I would say that walking is the best physical fitness activity one can do in this modern lifestyle.

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How this Cue Card can be Asked? / Related Cue Card 

  1. Something you do to maintain your body fit.
  2. Talk about a popular form of exercise in your country.
  3. Something you often do in the evening.
  4. A sport you often watch or play.
  5.  Something you often do in the morning.
  6. Describe something healthy you do.
  7.  Aa popular sport in your country.
  8. Something you are planning to start in the near future.
  9. Something you would like to add to your daily routine.
  10. An activity you enjoy.
  11. An activity or a hobby you want to start.
  12. Something you do to keep yourself fit.

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