Describe a time when you had some medicine


Describe a time when you had some medicine

1. When did it happen?
2. Why you took the medicines?
2. Was the medicine effective?
3. How did you feel about it?

Answer of IELTS Cue Card Describe a time when you had some medicine: 

● it is so easy to fell ill these days because people are living a hectic lifestyle and are pushing their bodies to extreme in order to get the work done.

● The same thing happened with me six months ago, while preparing for my 12th Grade exams/Board Exams.

● You know, board exams carry a lot of importance in India as they are the prime factor on which our collage is decided.

● If one doesn’t get straight A’s/Good marks then there is a high chance that he will not get admission in the top collages in the country.

● So, due to the fear of losing those colleges, I started preparing very hard.

● I used to study the whole day and nights and this not only impacted on my social life but also degraded my health.

● One day while studying I fainted and was taken to the doctor.

● The doctor told my parents that it happened due to the rigorous preparation schedule and the stress I was taking for the exams.

● Next day, my condition improved but I was still taking the medicines.

● I continued the medication course diligently for the next one week and recovered from the illness.

● After some time I gave my exams and got the desired result.

● To wrap up, I would say that medicines are a great gift to humanity by science but now I believe that “Prevention is always Better than Cure”.For instance, if I had taken the required precautions then I might have not needed the medicines.

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