Describe a Family Business + Follow Ups

Describe a Family Business Cue Card

Describe a Family Business

1. What is that business?

2. How was it started?

3. What kind of goods/services does it provide?

Answer of IELTS Cue Card Describe a Family Business: 

● I belong to India and there are thousands of Family Businesses in my country

● But no business has reached to the heights of Reliance Industries which is run by the Ambani Family.

● Reliance Industries is India’s biggest company and you would be surprised to know that this Billion Dollar business was started with just a capital of Rupee 500.

● It was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in the year 1977

● And now his Son, Mukesh Ambani manages and runs the business.

● They deal with a variety of goods and services such as Petroleum, Clothing, and Media

● Three years ago Mukesh Ambani launched a new service called Jio and it was a major hit all around the country as it provided internet to people for almost free of cost.

● Reliance Industries has won many awards for their service and product innovation.

● I still remember the time when they launched Jio Phone, it was an innovative feature phone with all the latest features but at a fraction of cost, and people got crazy about the phone, there were large crowds outside the shops to buy that brilliant piece of tech

● This business is not only limited to India but is also providing its services to other countries as well.

● They also give a lot of emphasis on quality.

● Although the Ambani family is very rich, they are also very generous.

● They give back to the community by organizing charities and other events.

● So, this is the successful family business that I know of.

IELTS Cue Card Describe a Family Business Follow UPs: 

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