A Time when you searched for information on the Internet

A Time when you searched for information on the Internet Cue Card

Talk about a Time when you searched for information on the Internet.

1. When did it happen?

2. What did you Search?

2. Was it useful?

Answer of IELTS Cue Card Talk about a skill that takes a long time to learn: 

● Since the advent of the internet we are just a click away from a vast ocean of knowledge.

● From cake recipes to making robots, there is nothing you can’t find on the internet.

● And today I would like to talk about a time when I searched for information on the Internet.

● It was the time of my 12th Grade/Board exams and I had not prepared well for my economics exam

● I only had 2 weeks to prepare and was very stressed as no teacher was available at that time to prepare me for that exam.

● When I told my friend, Amit, about my situation he advised me to prepare from the internet.

● I liked the Idea and immediately went to study.

● I searched many concepts of economics on various websites and found some great results.

● One of those sites was YouTube.com and I was amused by the quality of content that it had.

● After that, I learned all the concepts and theories from YouTube.com and gave my exam.

● I was very surprised to see how well I performed in my exams as I got an A.

● And since then, whenever I need to learn any new concept or skill I just open YouTube.com and Watched videos about the same.

● I was so glad that my friend gave me this fantastic Idea and thanked him sincerely for saving me that time.

● To wrap up, I would say that, the Internet is the best source of gathering information about any topic without consuming any time and I believe that all people should have the luxury to use the internet.

– Requested by Kunal

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