A Famous Person You Are Interested In


IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topic:

Describe a famous person that you admire/Describe a famous person that you are interested in

  • Who is this person
  • What is their specialty
  • Why do you admire him

Sample Answers

In my to-meet list, there are so many well – respected celebrities whom I am desired to meet and spend time with. However, I would like to share about Pele, who is nicknamed as the greatest soccer player in the World.

Initially, I really need to kick off with the point that Pele was just seventeen when he first played in World Cup in Sweden of 1958 for Brazil. Despite his very young age, he was selected for the national team participating in one of the biggest sports competition on the planet. Back then, he was not the star player but when his teammate was hurt, Pele went into the game. He immediately scored goal and Brazil won the World Cup. With his amazing aptitudes and skills, Pele was feared by other teams. The Brazilian government even named him as a national treasure. It is not doubtful to say that Pele is one of the biggest factors making Brazil’s soccer so well – known. His last World Cup was in Mexico in 1970. Brazil scored 4 goals against Italy to win the World Cup for the third time. Another point that I would like to share is that Pele owns an admirable career that every soccer players crave for. Pele holds many soccer records such as having over 1000 goals in his career. He was nominated athlete of the Century in 1980 and became a member of a Soccer Hall of Fame in 1993.

Although he’s now retired from professional competition, Pele is still considered as a great inspiration for soccer players and lovers.


There is a multitude of well – respected celebrities whom I have a burning desire to have a chance to talk to. However, the public figure I want to share with you today is [………].

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Main ideas:

  • Who is he?:
    – Lead vocalist – song composer-guitarist
    – Born and grew up in….==> embark on his singing career in…..
  • How did you know about him?
    – 10 years ago when he joined a nation-wide singing competition ==> catch a glimpse of him on TV ==> hooked by his outstanding performance/ fall in love with his voice/good-looking/personalities (gregariousness, sense of humor, creativeness in singing/composing ..)
  • Why famous?
    – The most known for his hits released in the early 2000s ==> produce world-class songs and awarded international prizes
    – Care for his fan –> free concert/show for fans
    – Personalities ==> devote time/love/money/effort to helping the disabled/poor
  • Why did you like him?
    -Say no to scandals
    – Remarkable albums/concerts
    – Personalities ==> set a prime example for young people

Adored by all people | A very decorated singer (many awards) | extraordinary human being.

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