A comic actor who is popular in your country


A comic actor who is popular in your country.

  • Who is he/she
  • What type of person he/she is
  • How you came to know about him/her
  • Why he/she is popular

• I know of many comedians who entertain people but here I would like to talk about
my favorite comedian who is Kapil Sharma
• He is very famous nowadays because of his TV show – Comedy Nights with Kapil.
• He is in his early thirties and looks very handsome.
• He basically hails from Amritsar and his father works in the police force. His mother
is a housewife.
• He was the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Season 3.
• He is a multi-talented personality and can also sing very well.
• He was a contestant in the reality show ‘Star ya Rock-star’ and was the first runner-up
in that show.
• In Dec 2013, he was ranked 93rd in Forbes India Celebrity 100 list.
• He has hosted many shows but he was appreciated the most for hosting Jhalak
Dikhla Ja Season 6 with Manish Paul as a co-host.
• He is basically a stand-up comedian but can also do some slap-stick comedy.
• His show Comedy Nights with Kapil is my favorite show.
• This show is telecast on Colours channel every Saturday and Sunday from 9 – 10 pm
• I never miss an episode of this show.
• It has a very clean comedy.
• It can be seen with family.
• In fact, all my family members watch this show together.
• Many celebrities also come on this show.
• They go there to promote their latest movies and also make this show more
enjoyable for us.
• People get a chance to interact with these celebs.
• Navjot Singh Sidhu is also a permanent character of this show but he sits on the side
of the audience.

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1. Do your family members and friends like this actor?
Yes, they do. In fact, we all watch his shows together. He provides a type of comedy, which
the whole family can enjoy together.

2. Why are film personalities famous?
Film personalities are famous because they entertain people. Many people watch their
movies and so come to know about them. They talk about their favorite stars among each
other and so they become celebrities. They also endorse products in ads. They are rich and
so many youngsters follow them as role models and want to be like them.

3. Do you think youngsters try to Copy film stars?
Yes, they do. Film stars are their style icons. Young people want to dress like their favorite
celebs, walk like them, talk like them and do everything like them.

4. What are the benefits and drawbacks of it?
If the celebs set a good example, then it is very beneficial for the youngsters. For example, if
celebs work for charity, many youngsters also come forward and help. However, if any celeb
smokes and drinks in public, young people start thinking it is glamorous to do so and so do
the same, which is definitely not good.

5. Are famous personalities rich in your country?
Yes, of course, they are. They get an exorbitant amount of money for the acting and also
from the ads in which they endorse products. For example, I saw an ad of ‘visit Dubai’ in
which Shah Rukh Khan got 30 crores. I heard that Virat Kohli also gets 3 crores for each ad in
which he appears.

6. How do they spend their money?
They lead a luxurious lifestyle. They wear designer clothes, which cost a fortune. They travel
executive class, stay in the most expensive hotels, own the most costly cars and have a lot
of people working for them. They also have to hire bodyguards. They invest in property and
also open many side businesses.

7. Do you think they spend money wisely?
They have enough money to spend, so even if some of their spendings looks wasteful, it
doesn’t matter to them. For a common man, most of their spending seems extravagant.
Some celebs also do a lot for charity.

8. Why do children love to visit circus?
Circus fascinates children. They love to see the antics done by animals and people.

9. Do people get the chance to meet famous personalities in your country?
A few people get a chance to meet famous personalities. Famous people usually don’t roam
around without their guards. They are busy also. So, normally people do not get a chance to
get near them.

10 Should actors be paid more?
I believe everyone needs to be paid according to the kind of work they do. Normally
remuneration is decided upon factors like skill, experience, and the work responsibility. So
the actors should be paid accordingly to the above factors and not more or less.

11 Are there many Indians who want to work as actors?
Yes, in India lot many people want to become actors as people perceive
celebrity/actor life to be glamorous. Youngsters from different parts of India often
travel to the Bollywood city of Mumbai to fulfill their aspiration of becoming an actor.

12 Who are more popular in India – TV stars or movie stars?
I think both of them are equally popular. Access to the TV in homes has increased the reach
of both these type of stars. People love the TV stars as they are able to relate
themselves with the TV soaps based on everyday life whereas the movie stars are
famous for portraying larger than life roles.

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